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What should you expect? Nothing but top-notch professional service! What should you accept? Nothing but top-notch professional service!-Dr. Debra Taylor-Smith


An initial consultation is NOT required, however, it is highly encouraged. 

$170.00 1 hour 20 minutes (Payment option available)

Why is an Initial Consultation encouraged for all new clients?

1. An initial consultation gives us more time to discuss your needs besides the time allowed per the insurance

2.  Are we a good fit for each other? Therapy is a two-way relationship. The initial appointment allows us time to get to know each other better while giving you ample time to address any questions or concerns to help you feel at ease in choosing a person with whom you feel comfortable and relaxed discussing your deepest thoughts and feelings.

3. Am I the right person to help you resolve your concerns? Most potential clients come my way via word of mouth. While I am humbled to have others mention my work, I understand the importance for you to feel comfortable with me providing your services. The initial session is a step forward in giving us quality time to ensure I am the right person for you, your family member, and your partner.

4. Is the issue medically necessary? Suppose you consider utilizing health insurance benefits, unlike scheduling an appointment with your Primary Care Physician (PCP). In that case, insurance carriers require a mental health diagnosis deemed "medically necessary" for a submitted claim to be considered for reimbursement. Therefore, a brief assessment/overview will be given at the initial appointment to determine if the mental health concern is a "medically necessary" diagnosis according to your behavior health insurance plan. If the behavioral health issue is considered "medically necessary," information needed to utilize your insurance coverage (behavior health) for future sessions will be addressed.

"Therapy is an investment of your priceless time, emotions, and finances. The price of your happiness is immeasurable. Below is the investment you choose to give to yourself, your relationship, or your family system'"-Dr. Debra Taylor-Smith, MFT-S.

Cost of Services for Sessions: Flexible Spending Accounts may be utilized for services. 

60-minute session $170.00 (Self-Pay Investment).

95-minute session $250.00 (Self- Pay Investment).

In-Network Insurance Plans 

45-55 minute session (Insurance utilized). The cost of the session depends on your plan's copayment or deductible. The plan will be verified before the appointment date.

In-Network Insurance Plans


Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Magellan Health & EAP


United Healthcare/Optum

Provider Network of America (PNOA)

Optum EAP

Workplace Solutions EAP

Other insurances accepted Out-of-Network (OON). You will be given a Superbill to file the claim for possible reimbursement per your plan.

Other Fees

Court Fees:

$600.00 per hour (not including court preparation and additional fees if necessary; Minimum 3 hours). 

$200.00 per hour for court preparation (Minimum 1.5 hours)

Marriage is taken so lightly that people feel like shopping for a new car. They find one they like but know that if it breaks down or they grow tired of it, they can trade it in for a more unique, shinier model in a few years-Bishop T.D. Jakes.





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