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What should you expect?  Nothing but top-notch professional service! What should you accept? Nothing but top-notch professional service!-Dr. Debra Taylor-Smith

Relationship/Couple's/Marriage Counseling


Perhaps infidelity, loss of trust, or even loss of communication has found its way into your relationship. Maybe you feel a sense of hopelessness and loss of love and intimacy towards the one you fell in love with "back in the day". Relationship Counseling provides an emotional "safe" place for the couple to discuss hurt, pain, shame, and frustrations where each person's voice is heard in a nonjudgmental, non-pathological setting. The goals of therapy is not to return to the way it used to be, but to develop new desires and ways to relate to each other to keep the fire burning, or perhaps re-ignite the match to get the fire burning again! Dr. Debra specializes in working with high conflict  couples and law enforcement relationships.  The hope is to help each couple discover the missing dots to help rebuild, re-construct, and to design the relationship that both partners desire. Designing a different relationship with purpose.

Individual Psychotherapy


Individual Counseling allows the client to discover lost or forgotten strengths clouded by grief, loss, anger, depression, or spiritual disconnections. For individuals seeking therapy, I passionately listen to your story while focusing on solutions to the problems holding you back from receiving true happiness. I believe we all have core strengths and values that shape and make us who we are. Recalling moments in the past and present when the problem did not appear as big can lead to discoveries of what's working well in your life. If it's working well, do more of it! If not, let's try something different! Being alone doesn't necessarily imply you are alone.

Family Counseling

The family consists of numerous faces, meanings, and layers. Family counseling may include parents, step-parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents raising grandchildren, same-gender parenting, blended families, single household parenting, adopted children, foster care families, interracial families, and numerous more! No matter the genetic definition of your family, my passion remains the same: focusing on exceptions to the problems and issues that brought you and your family into therapy. No topics are too small. No issues are too significant. When you think about it, all we have is family.

Group Sessions (Coming Soon!)


Sessions are confidential and HIPAA-compliant. Tele-Therapy is available for Texas residents anywhere. The sessions are scheduled via the client portal or by contacting the therapist directly. Once scheduled, we will discuss if Tele-Therapy is a good fit for you. Tele-Therapy is convenient and is easily worked around your busy life schedule. Please note restrictions apply.

The Counselor's Counselor
Leaders who help and are expected to give words of encouragement and healing to those in our society often place the needs of others well above their concerns. No matter your title, in a highly respected position, when you have given so much of yourself, who do you talk to? Where do you go for support and a listening ear? Do you internalize those worries and anxieties, opting instead to cope in silence for fear of what others may think? After all, you are in a leadership role where others depend on you for comfort, wisdom, guidance, and hope. We each need a "safe place" to discuss fears, worry, uncertainty, and disappointments, without feeling judged, criticized, or ashamed. We need a place to feel the power of "unmasking." A place to be as honest and emotionally freeing as possible. In the end, once you, the counselor, spiritual advisor, mentor, caregiver, or CEO, are taking care of your needs; it becomes more accessible, lighter, and more pleasurable to minister effectively to the needs of your clients, audience members, congregation, coworkers, or colleagues.

New Business Consultant

Transitioning to entrepreneurship can emit feelings of doubt, fear, and uncertainty. It is common to have questions surrounding whether this is the correct step for you at this time in your life. If so, what is the next step? From forms to renting space, to insurance panel development to self-pay options to designing an office atmosphere that is warm and inviting to your clients...your mind may be occupied with many different business questions and concerns. Contact me today and schedule an appointment to discuss your thoughts, feelings, questions, and concerns, whether you are contemplating owning your own counseling business now or later. It's never too early or too late for business consulting. Our time together is tailored specifically to what's most important for you.

Public Speaking Engagements/Presentations

I am excited to speak or present at your local, state, or national event. Whether the topic is empowering women; finding the steps to work towards a loving and give/take relationship; or presenting Narrative Solution Focused techniques to law enforcement officers, teenagers, or your church group, I would love to hear from you to discuss your needs. 

To book Dr. Debra for public speaking engagements or presentations, please get in touch with John Smith (817) 994-2694.



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